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Canon EOS 1300D Specification Features and Price In Nepal


The Canon EOS 1300D is an Entry Level Camera. The one who buys almost everybody who steps in the Photography of Photography. This is the only cheaper DSLR camera in Quicky Markets. Canon EOS 1300D is best for a new photographer. If you are also thinking of stepping into the field of Photography. And your budget is low, then this DSLR camera is the best option for you.


So let’s know what is the specialty in the Canon EOS 1300D and what’s wrong with it. Along with this, some pictures taken from this camera will show up which are taken by the newer Photographers.

If we see the Canon EOS 1300D from the budget perspective, there is a lot of waste in it. And if we compare this DSLR with another DSLR such as Canon EOS 700D, 800D, 77D, 80D, etc. So many of you will see it in danger. But if you are talking about the rotation, then is the best for Beginners. As soon as you come to the next level in Photography, you can upgrade your camera.


As Canon’s EOS 1300D and the Canon EOS 1200D is exactly the same. The only difference between these two is what they are going to discuss now. Canon 1300D is a new model of 1200D. So let’s know Canon EOS 1300D features.

Canon EOS 1300D Features

Three new features have been added to Canon EOS 1300D.

  • The best features that have been added to this camera are WiFi / NFCs. Due to the additions of this feature, a lot of work has been made. As with the help of WiFi / NFC, you can easily connect the camera to your mobile, laptop, internet, and share your photos, videos. At the same time, we can remotely control our camera from our mobile phone. For this, simply we have to install the Canon app on our mobile, then we can easily connect our Canon EOS 1300D to Mobile.
  • The second feature in this camera is its Image Processor. Canon 1300D Image Processor Digic 4 is of 1200D. But in the 1300D we have to see Digic 4+ Processor. By which we will be able to click more pictures in less time. And our camera will work faster than Canon 1200D’s work.
  • The third feature is 3 Inch TFT Screen in the camera. Whose resolution is 920k dots? If we compare it, we get Double Resolution from the 1200D Screen Resolution. Due to which we get Pictures View and the finest in 1300D.

More Info

Apart from these three features, the rest of the features are almost like the Same 1200D. Like 1300D is the camera of 18 Megapixel, with APS-C CMOS Sensor. The IOS Range is 100-6400 in which we can extend up to 12,800 with the help of software. It’s Camera Capable’s 3fps for Burst Shooting. And in this, you can do Video Record at Maximum 1920x1080p at 30fps mode. Which is full HD

In addition to all these, we get 9 Auto Focus Points. By which we can easily focus on any object. And if we talk about its battery backup, we can take 600 Shot on Full Battery. It was something special now that you tell some of its disadvantages.

The disadvantage of Canon EOS 1300D

Our biggest disadvantage in this camera is a screen which is fixed with its screen camera. Which you will not get to see in a bit expensive camera. Like 700D, 800D their screen can rotate in the angle you want.

This is the second which is a Disadvantage. In which you do not find Touch Screen. Whatever you have to do is to support the button.

Some more information related to this camera. Like the camera weight, the price range.
The 1300D Weight is 485gm, which is Light Weight, will not have any problem with carrying. If we talk of the 1300D look, then it is very good. And the Look of every single DSLR Look is almost the same.

Canon EOS 1300D Price In Nepal

Canon EOS 1300D Price in Nepal starts at Rs. 49,155. Canon 1300D DSLR Camera is available in different stylish colors. Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera comes with 18-55mm IS III Lens – 16GB card, bag pack, a tripod is priced at Rs.49,155.


The end will tell you so much if you want to learn photography or take a camera for the homography of the house. So I’ll suggest this camera will be best for you.

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Canon EOS 1300D Specification Features and Price In Nepal

The Canon EOS 1300D is an Entry Level Camera. The one who buys almost everybody who steps in the Photography of Photography....

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